5 Reasons to Become a Scribe Before Medical School

Medical scribes are assistants who work very closely with the doctors in clinic and hospital settings and are trained to perform several different tasks including transcribing interviews and examinations, logging patient info on EMR systems, and arranging a physician’s schedule. Training and then becoming a medical scribe offers you firsthand experience working closely with practicing physicians. It is also a good step to take if you are planning on going to medical school. Becoming a medical scribe can be what gives you the edge and hands on training you want.

The following are just a few reasons you should consider becoming a medical scribe before you go to medical school:

Observe a Physician at Work
Typically, medical students will have to wait to gain some hands-on experience when they begin their internships and residencies. Before , there really aren’t many chances in which a student can work so closely with physicians to gain additional experience and knowledge in the medical field.

While the physicians are under no obligation to teach their medical scribes, a lot can be picked up and learned simply through observation. Some observations that garner learning include how to triage, which symptoms call for which tests, how to handle a patient’s family, and how to work with the electronic medical records system. Becoming a medical scribe offers you an advantageous head start regarding your medical career.

Learn Medical Terms
Learning medical terms is one of the biggest challenges facing a medical student. Medical terms will need to be learned and memorized and while this is done in medical school, wouldn’t it be great to get a head start learning these medications before you enter school? Learning them first hand will better equip your memory to recall them later.

Learn Whether or Not the Medical Field is Right for You
Practicing medicine may not be for everyone. Becoming a medical scribe offers the chance to jump into the world of medicine so you can experience both the good and bad. While it can be an extremely stressful career choice, it can also prove to be very rewarding. You can make the decision to join this world before the school loans begin to add up.

Medical Schools Like the Experience
Real-world experience is always valued no matter what career or university you plan to join. Working as a medical scribe allows you to clock hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of clinical experience to help fill out your med school applications. It will also help show that you are suited for a very vigorous program in the medical field.

You Will Make Money
Finally, money is another motivating factor that would appeal to a potential medical student. Becoming a medical scribe is a career opportunity that offers both full time and part time positions. Scribes are paid less than practicing medical professionals. However, they still receive adequate compensation for the time they are working. Some scribes may even decide later on to turn it into their career.

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