ProScribe’s Virtual Scribe App, SoGo (Scribe on the Go)

Scribes are enlisted to help with productivity in hospitals, clinics, and other medical offices and are considered the go-to person for the physician of the facility. A good medical scribe can handle what is thrown at them including administrative and front office tasks, transcribing patient appointments, logging prescription records, setting up appointments, and retrieving patient results.

What was once a job best suited for hectic and fast paced emergency rooms is now a job that is needed in most medical facilities in which the physicians may be bogged down with several patient appointments and no time for the patient and paperwork to stop and take a breath.

With the many technological advancements, we have seen in recent years, we have also seen a new way in which to handle paperwork electronically so that patient turnover and satisfaction can improve. Physicians should be able to spend more face time and quality time with their patients, rather than rushing them out to see the next while they complete the paperwork.

Unfortunately, not every practice can support hiring a medical scribe. They may not have the space in their facility, or they are at a location that is not convenient to where the scribes may be living. Most scribes are pre-med students who are not able to travel too far from their universities during the school year. For these reasons, ProScribe is offering a new app, SoGo, which is short for Scribe on the Go.)

The new and innovative SoGo app gives medical providers the ability to make use of a medical scribe’s services without actually having to bring them into the exam room during the appointment. All they need to do is bring an iPad to the patient exam, and a ProScribe-trained medical scribe will then be able to monitor the audio and video feed through a secure connection. They can also log into the EMR system through a remote login that the facility provides.

If the patient chooses to have more privacy, then the app is also equipped with a Mute function so that the feed can be cut for as long as is needed.

SoGo offers an opportunity for both facilities and medical scribes to connect and work without the hassle of transportation, limited space, or limited funds.

If you are a medical scribe and are interested in this new and innovative opportunity, you can sign up to learn more about the SoGo service and ProScribe training.