Scribes Mean More Patients Daily

Doctors face two great limitations when they practice medicine; there are only 24 hours in a day, and as humans limited by a need for food, sleep and psychological well being, there are only so many actual effective hours in a day in which quality work can be done. This means, for better or worse, having to limit just how much work to do in a single day, and how many patients can be feasibly seen without the effectiveness of their diagnosis or treatment being compromised.

Sometimes, this means seeing fewer patients, which is far from ideal. And sometimes it means rushing through patients, which may be worse. This is one of the chief reasons why Medical Scribe services are being utilized more and more in medical facilities across the country and around the world. A professionally trained Scribe, such as those that we offer at ProScribe, is not just an assistant, this is someone conversant in both taking down the required notes during diagnosis as well as retrieving and thoroughly updating electronic health records. These are all normally tasks that would take up vast amounts of a medical practitioner’s time, but are still vital part of standard medical procedure. Having someone qualified to take over these very detail oriented, technical duties can free up to 40% of a doctor’s time.

That translates to a dramatic decrease in administrative tasks for doctors, and allows them to consult with patients faster, ultimately letting them treat more people. Even just treating two more patients a day can have a big effect on the physician productivity of a clinic or ED, but Scribes often help to achieve far more than just that.

This has the cumulative effect of more patients benefiting from treatment both efficiently and with more attention. It lets the medical practitioners themselves go home at a reasonable hour, rather than spend after office hours on the EHR work that there simply wasn’t time to deal with when a patient needed help, and it makes the entire facility run more smoothly. It also means data taken during the diagnosis is often more complete, and the EHR itself is retrieved and updated more thoroughly which benefits everyone including the patient and any future medical facilities that will rely on this information.

ProScribe’s staff doesn’t just make it possible to see more patients in a day, they allow everyone to work faster, better and more productively.