The ICD-10 Deadline Has Arrived

For people that already enjoy the benefits of Proscribe staff at their facility, this is unlikely to be a cause of great concern. For everyone else however, one more necessary headache has arrived in the world of medical documentation. As of October 1, 2015, the deadline has now passed, and a new version of ICD-10 is now in mandatory use in facilities around the country.

For those that are unaware, ICD-10 stands for International Classification of Disease, a system of medical categorization standardized by the World Health Organization and put into practice around the rest of the world, including the United States. For quite some time now, an update to this standard has been in the works, but due to the size of the USA and its many disparate facilities and protocols, fully shifting over to the new standard had been delayed. Originally the new ICD-10-PCS (which stands for Procedure Coding System) protocol was supposed to go into effect in 2014, but because many in the medical industry still felt unprepared, especially when taken in context of the changes and increased demands of the Affordable Care Act, a grace period extension was given.

Now that grace period has passed, and that means that all licensed medical facilities must now make the transition, and adapt to the changes that have been made to the system. 

For doctors and nurse practitioners working on their own, this means taking some time to become familiar with the new conventions and striving for smooth transition. There will obviously be some changes to the way medical documentation and EHR forms are filled out, but, with patience and time, things will eventually be sorted.

For people that already use a Medical Scribe, this shouldn’t present much of an issue. All trained Scribes are kept up to date on the latest requirements in data entry, meaning that for facilities with Scribes on hand, nothing changes. It’s one more way that a Medical Scribe can keep a facility running smoothly. Where existing staff that deal in medical documentation must now overcome a “speed bump” in normal operations to accommodate some minor but mandatory changes, the Scribe is a built-in solution to this problem. If this is the kind of administrative interruption that you or your clinic or ED is getting tired of dealing with, talk to us today and see what a ProScribe can do for you and your practice.