Electronic Health Records And Patient Care

In a research study conducted in the summer of 2014, researchers from Baylor College of Medicine took a close look at EHRs or electronic health records and how they pertain to the direct care doctors are able to provide to their patients today. During this study, some startling findings were produced, and the study concluded with the finding that direct patient care has suffered since electronic health records have come into play. The study was comprised of 8 different resident physicians, in their second and fourth post-graduate years, and during their time conducting the research, it was found that these residents spent 48.6% of their patient time using EHR, while this number was reduced to 38.4% while using paper. 

A return to paper from EHRs isn’t coming any time soon, so how can we resolve this issue of EHR keeping interfering with patient time? Electronic health records undoubtedly have their advantages over paper health records, but all of that clicking that must be done to update and assess these records can be tedious and time consuming when a doctor is simultaneously trying to cater to his or her patient. When a patient is spending time with their doctor, this time should be spent doctor to patient, not doctor to EHR to patient as time allows. 

Our Proscribe scribe services can allow you to reap the benefits of both worlds, and this means having all of the accuracy and convenience of electronic health records, while still having the ample direct patient time. Trained medical scribes are there to do all of the clicking for you, as you simply spend your time with your patient for a better level of direct care. With trained scribes like ours at Proscribe, you can also trust confidently that the electronic health records are being kept accurately.

With more time to care for patients directly, you’ll also be improving your level of care and improving upon your productivity. You’ll be able to see more patients, and spend quality time with all of them, since you’ll be saving that 48.6% of your time which was once spent clicking away keeping records with a keyboard. 

Our medical scribe services can work to improve the direct patient care and productivity of any medical office, and hospitals busy with patients coming in and out can feel confident they’re providing the best level of care possible. If scribe services are something you feel could benefit your medical setting, simply check out what we can do for you at Proscribe today!