Patient Time Should Be Personal Time

When a patient comes into a hospital or physician’s office, they are looking for personal time. Whether they are experiencing a health concern, or they’re simply looking for a checkup, they expect to be able to speak to their doctor about any symptoms they may be experiencing or ways that they can better improve their health during their everyday lives. At Proscribe, we know that it can be difficult to provide this personal time for today’s doctors, and that with much of this time spent clicking, it’s nearly impossible to sit down and listen to the standard you would like to.

Personal time with patients is an invaluable resource, and its during this personal time that many physicians will be able to hear out their patients and take in their symptoms in order to find a proper diagnosis or treatment plan. These conversations are extremely important to the level of personal care they are able to provide, and it’s disheartening when physicians feel that they cannot take advantage of this time to its full potential because they are stuck looking at monitors and working a keyboard. While electronic medical record keeping has provided quite a bit to modern medicine, it has also taken away the personal feeling of visiting a doctor, but this is a problem that does have a simple solution.

With the assistance of medical scribes, we at Proscribe can provide you with just the solution you need to get this treasured personal time back. With the help of a medical scribe taking care of the clicks and the administrative duties, the physician can sit down, listen, communicate, and engage his or her patients once again, and this can provide both the patient and the physician with a much better visit experience. Through this communication, the physician can gain a better understanding of just what the patient may require out of his or her visit, and the patient can feel comforted that all of their concerns were properly paid attention to.

At Proscribe, our medical scribes are trained and ready to take care of electronic medical record keeping and all other facets of administrative duties around your hospital or office. We make sure that each physician can have their personal time with patients back again, and they can improve their relaxation while simultaneously also improving productivity. If you’re interested in medical scribe services for your office or hospital, simply contact us at Proscribe today to learn more.