Better Productivity Leads To Happier Patients

At Proscribe, we know that the ultimate goal for today’s physicians is happier patients, but with electronic medical records, it seems that many physicians are forced to do more clicking than talking, listening, and interacting with those who need them most. While the introduction of electronic medical records has allowed physicians to take a more organized and all-encompassing approach to treatment, they have also created a big problem with treating patients as well.

When a patient steps into their doctor’s office, or is admitted to the hospital, they are often nervous, anxious, or in need of some type of medical help. For them to have the best experience, they will require one-to-one time with their physician in order to get the comfort and answers that they need. Unfortunately, when a physician is forced to spend most of this valuable time clicking away at electronic medical records, this goal is not well achieved, but the assistance of a medical scribe can provide a valuable solution.

With the help of a medical scribe, less time will be spent clicking, and more time will be spent communicating and interacting with those who require your help the most. Medical scribes are trained in medical terminology and are often medical students, so they have the passion and the knowledge to handle all types of administrative duties around a hospital or physician’s office setting. As the medical scribe takes care of all that is needed on the electronic medical record keeping front, the physician can sit down with the patient and really provide them with the comfort and the answers they came to seek.

At Proscribe, we want to help physicians to better their productivity, and to work with happier patients who get just the type of treatment they need when they walk into their doctor’s office. With the administrative duties taken care of, doctors can then focus on the patient they have sitting before them, and they can provide them with their undivided attention and expertise. Not only will this allow physicians better time spent with patients, but more time to spend with additional ones, and this provides an experience to satisfy entire communities of people.

If you could use a helping hand in your hospital or physician’s office, we at Proscribe can help. Our medical scribes are trained and ready to take care of the clicking for you, and you can be on your way to serving happier patients every day. To learn more about our scribe services, simply contact us at Proscribe today.