The Help Of A Scribe Can Make Time In The Office Better Spent

The time that you spend with patients should be for the patients, but this is often an impossibility when trying to juggle patient time with taking care of electronic medical records. If you choose to forego the electronic medical record keeping for later in favor of spending time with patients personally while they’re in your office, you’ll find that you quickly back up on paper and clicking work, which then cuts into the little personal time you may have, and pushes additional patient time back further. It may seem like there is no way out when it comes to making patient time count while still taking care of administrative duties, but there is a solution in the form of help from a medical scribe.

A medical scribe is often a medical student, or a person who is interested in pursuing medicine for their career. While the scribe gets the experience and knowledge they require while working in a hospital or physician’s office setting, the physician gets the time they require to make sure their appointments with patients are better spent interacting with who they’re trying to serve, and this formulates a win/win situation for both the physician and the medical scribe involved. Because these are individuals who are interested in pursuing medicine, they’re also learned people who are well versed in medical terminology and what comes along with the practice of medicine, so you can rest assured that your record keeping and office duties are well taken care of.

At Proscribe, our medical scribes can help you to finally make sure your office time is better spent, and that you’re not routinely taking it home with you or pushing additional patients back in their appointment times. When patients enter your office, they want to be seen as promptly as possible and with personal attention, and your medical scribe can make this goal a reality. If you’re interested in seeing just what a medical scribe can do for you, you can learn more about our services when you contact us at Proscribe today!