You Are Not A Machine

With the decline in health and increase in obesity throughout the United States, physicians and the health care system are seeing an unprecedented surge in patients seeking treatment. Also, with an influx of people with Internet access, it seems every person with a cough or a slight fever becomes an arm chair doctor as they Google their symptoms and diagnose their condition.

These over stimulations to the entire nation leaves physicians between a rock and a hard place. When in a medical group, physicians are constantly pushed and pressured to see more patients, maximize their time, work longer hours, and spread their career evermore into their personal lives. These demands may not be blatant, but they’re there.

So, on one side, physicians are getting pushed for more, more, more, and on the other, they aren’t capable of giving their patients the time and expertise they would like. With an overstimulated population that is less and less in touch with how to appropriately care for themselves but more and more in touch with information, visits balloon far past the capacity of one physician’s time, energy, and attention.

Physicians are human.

As a society, we prefer to put our medical professionals on a pedestal or conversely, hand them the sole blame for a dysfunctional healthcare system. Both of these extremes can be dangerous, and as a medical professional, reaching a frazzled burn-out state so common now in the field can spell danger not only for patients, but the physician’s entire life.

As stress, paperwork, and an overburdened schedule spills into the medical professional’s personal life, every facet suffers. Family. Joy. Relationships. Near and dear causes.

In a 2012 JAMA Internal Medicine Mayo Clinic study, 46% of all U.S. physicians are emotionally exhausted, feel cynical about work, or have lost their sense of personal accomplishment. In some cases, all three indicators were present.

The overloaded system and our genuine desire to contribute goodness to people’s lives can spell disaster in the end. We think the more people we can help, the happier our employers will be. The more people we can help, the better those patients will be. The more people we can help, the better our own lives will be.

Our own desire to give more, more, more can contribute to a broken system. We have less time for patients. We have less energy to give our families. We are less capable of juggling every component of a well-functioning practice.

The more we can remove from our stressful workload, the more effective we can operate. The more time we can devote to patients and genuinely assisting their needs. This allows greater flow in our daily work lives, and that allows ease in our personal lives.

Adding a ProScribe professional to your team can dramatically eliminate the amount of time spent on paperwork and note taking. The difference can be overwhelming and boost productivity. We want you to have an enjoyable, fulfilling career and personal life. We want your patients to have the best access to your best self. Call us for a free consultation to take your first step to a better, more productive workday… and life.