Electronics Are There to Assist Not Detract

After many years of use in the Emergency Room, medical scribes are moving into General Practice settings. Have you spent years writing notes on charts and looking back at your own handwriting to recall a patient?

With the advent of electronics and the increasing outreach of technology, it’s become imperative over the last decade to move medical records to a computerized system. What was once a tangible record in your hands is now only accessed through the laptop sitting adjacent your patient.

The convenience, the heart, the attention, and the thoughtful approach are being depleted from your appointments. So much time is spent staring at a laptop screen that you only have a few moments with your patient before you know your next patient is waiting.

We at ProScribe know that the new model of medical care is trying, not only to the patient, but the physician as well. We realize that time is lost in the examining room and behind the scenes as physicians attempt to keep their practices humming by staying as up-to-date on paperwork as possible.

Introducing a medical scribe to your practice may be just what you need to get your passion and attentiveness back into your work. Converting notes into electronic data can take hours out of a physician’s day and reflecting into a computer during an appointment takes the focus from your patient and his/her ailments.

Our trained professionals are experienced in medical record keeping and the confidential nature of the healthcare industry. They are there to assist you, and allow you to do what you do best – focus on the patient.

It can be a bit unusual for a patient to have another medical professional in the room during appointments. When you employ a scribe, it’s understood that they will be present only if a patient is comfortable with their presence.

The ease that a ProScribe medical professional can add to your day will change the way your practice functions. It will help you bring out the best in you and your patients.