Shhhhh! Here’s a Secret: Care For Yourself First

Every time you fly, you hear it. Before you assist another with the oxygen mask, you must first place one on yourself. If you can’t breathe, how can you help another to do so?

More and more medical professionals need to think about putting the masks on their own faces first. As the studies pour in, it’s becoming glaringly obvious that those working in the healthcare field are more overtaxed than ever. Physicians are shown to struggle with addictive substances more often, end their own lives more often, and are more prone to divorce than other professionals.

Programs are offered and tips are whispered throughout the medical community to sustain quality of life. It is often advice medical professionals offer their own patients. Exercise more. Get regular rest. Meditate. Eat a nutritious diet. Make time for yourself.

Many times, these tips go over our heads. Such things are not practical for us. We are different, doctors want to say. We are stronger, more resilient. We don’t require balance. We’re superhuman.

A determined will to do good may set medical professionals apart from some of their peers, but the pressures of their careers still overwhelmingly take a toll on their lives. As stated previously, the intensity of a physician’s professional life tends to spill into their personal lives.

Streamlining that professional life may be the first key to elevating the other components. With the general health of the population on the decline, more and more patients flood our offices, and if we’re on staff, the pressure doesn’t simply come from demand. Pressure comes from above and the desire to satisfy the demand with limited resources.

From the patient side, a doctor can be seen as callous and uncaring as he buries his head into his laptop for a 10 minute appointment and rushes out the door to his next 10 minute appointment where he will again sit taking notes into his laptop. From an administrator’s side, a physician is questioned about why he can’t be more attentive and skilled – and cut that 10 minutes to 5 in an effort to fit in more patients.

The entire process can be overwhelming, but adding an ally to your routine may be the first step to taking the anxiety and pressure out of your appointments. ProScribe offers carefully screened professionals to work side-by-side with physicians to eliminate the time the physician takes to enter information into their electronic devices. This offers more one-on-one time with the patient and allows appointments to flow more freely – and in less time.

Knowing what you need and how to care for your own needs will help you care for others. Adding assistance into your medical setting may be exactly what your atmosphere needs to better serve your patients and the bottom line of your business.