You Are A Human First, A Medical Practitioner Second

Medical technology, knowledge and procedures have made some astounding advances in recent years, but at the heart of the field, there’s still one thing that keeps everything moving; the very human medical staff that care for their patients. There may be better machines, more techniques and more discoveries on the horizon but the doctors that care and act for the welfare of people are still people themselves. And like people, they have flaws, vulnerabilities and limits.

We’d all love to think that because we’ve taken the heavy responsibility to ensure the health of those around us, we’re somehow better prepared to deal with the illnesses and stressors we help our patients to fight. The reality is, doctors are just as vulnerable to these same elements as the people in our care, in some cases, even more so. Patient care is a serious responsibility that regularly goes above and beyond the normal nine to five routine of most workplaces, and the mistakes and failures of the job can have dramatic effects on the patient. A little forgetfulness at an office can be an inconvenience, but when it happens in an ED, a life can be endangered.

That’s why I urge all doctors to acknowledge that we are human too. We get tired, we get stressed, we get upset when things go badly, and, as with any person, these things can affect performance. You need to think of yourself as a patient as well, and decide what the best course of treatment is to deal with a problem, then commit to that treatment. Sometimes it may be as simple as realizing that some time off on vacation will recharge the batteries, other times, it may be the simple admission that you need more qualified help, such as assistance provided by Proscribe. Whatever the case may be, the first step in overcoming your problems and limitations is in first being aware of them, and not pretending they don’t exist. Your patients are human, and there’s nothing wrong with you being one as well. Find out how the Medical Scribes at Proscribe can help you transcend your limitations by looking at our website.