Doctors Should Treat, Not Type

A study conducted on time usage for modern American doctors revealed that up to 44% of the average working day is spent on clerical related, data-entry activities for properly documenting patient medical information. That’s nearly half of a work day spent working on a computer, not on a patient. While this time can vary widely based on an individual patient, and even depending on whether the medical practitioner has nimble, touch-typing skills, it’s hardly an efficient use for someone that has trained for years to use their medical expertise on people in need. That’s not to say that filling out an EHR form is trivial, or that making an HIE query is unimportant, these are vital pieces of information that help fill out the puzzle that is a patient’s medical needs. But these activities are time consuming, and they are not activities that a doctor should be required to have expertise in.

This is where someone like our highly trained staff at Proscribe come into the picture. A Proscribe staff member is not simply a data-entry specialist, they are trained specifically in the unique, demanding requirements of a medical facility. Not only do they take down patient information so the doctor or nurse practitioner doesn’t have to, they collate test results and conduct queries with the HIE system to ensure that all relevant information is not just up to date, but accessible to the practitioner to make a more informed decision about the treatment process. They can even assist in-between sessions with patient management and help other medical staff to make the patient treatment process go as smoothly, quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you’d like to know more about how our Proscribe staff can help your facility, just get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to consult with you about your specific needs, and what our staff can do to make your patient treatment process more about the patients and less about the typing.