Physician Burnout Affects Patients

Being a physician, you may think exhaustion is just part of the job. Even on your days off, you’re carrying home with you charts that you couldn’t manage to complete with patients in the office, and you spend the time that should be spent resting and relaxing still focusing on work. What you may not realize is that this burnout not only affects you, it affects your patients, and renders you unable to provide the highest level of care you can. Physician burnout is a serious thing, and it should be treated as such by seeking the assistance you need to get the job done while still respecting the rest your body craves. 

Patients seeing a burned out physician are patients who are trusting their health to someone who has a full plate. Their physician’s mind may be running in overdrive, and they could be distracted beyond their control as their subconscious is focusing on about a hundred other things. Those charts you took home last night, the weekend full of work you have ahead of you, and the rest of the patients you have to see throughout the day, and all of the stress that this bringscan bog you down, and cause you to struggle with giving the patient you’re seeing currently your full and undivided attention.

Clicking away keeping track of electronic medical records can also be a problem, as your attention is divided between what the patient is telling you and what you need to record. With this, you can get the assistance you need to avoid burnout, and it all starts with our professional medical scribes at Proscribe. Our scribes are well versed in medical terminology and working around various types of physician’s offices and hospitals, and they can help you to lessen the workload and avoid the burnout that’s bogging you down. 

With a professional scribe, you can put your focus where it needs to be, with your patients, and you can rest assured that those you’re seeing are getting the best care possible. Not only this, but with less to do yourself, you can finally have the time you need to rejuvenate your mind through rest, avoiding the burnout associated with taking on too much. To learn more about what a medical scribe can bring to your physician’s office or hospital, simply contact us at Proscribe today.