2015-2016 Flu Season And Physician Productivity

Each year’s flu season lasts from around October into May, and the months sandwiched in the middle are typically some of the busiest for physicians and hospitals. Signs go up in waiting rooms, face masks are handed out to patients fearing they have the flu, and cases continue rolling in as the virus is spread from individual to individual. While some years have very effective flu shots, others don’t, and the efficacy of any given year’s vaccine isn’t truly evident until the season gets fully underway. So, what does this mean for your office? Well, things are probably pretty busy already, and not slated to slow down until they get worse. 

With all of these patients coming in and out, all stating their symptoms and trying to get the best possible care, physicians are exceptionally busy. All of the clicking of keeping track of electronic medical records, trying to juggle patient needs with record keeping needs, and trying to see as many patients as possible will cut into physician time, and before they know it, even the best physicians will begin growing burned out. Throughout all of this, physicians must also focus on keeping themselves healthy with little rest, as coming down with the flu themselves will render them unable to care for the patients who need them most.

How can this flu season be better than those of the past? A little help can go an immensely long way. Medical scribes can help to streamline the way patients are seen, and give physicians more time to spend providing direct patient care, as they’re still given the rest they need. Also, with this new streamlined experience, physicians can see more patients throughout the day as they increase their productivity and heal more of their community. 

Our medical scribes at Proscribe are trained and ready to assist physicians during this year’s flu season, or any season of the year. By taking care of the electronic medical record keeping, physicians can focus on the most important people in the room, their patients, as they stay refreshed and ready to provide their best care. Our Proscribe medical scribes are trained and ready to keep electronic medical records for any sort of hospital or busy physician’s office, so this year’s flu season is taken care of no matter where patients come in. To learn more about what our medical scribes can do for you this flu season, simply contact us today!