Understanding the Benefits and Struggles of Medical School

The decision to apply for medical school is a decision not to be taken lightly.  You have already gone through four years of school and are contemplating continuing your education and training and going through at least four more years.

Why Should I Consider Medical School?

Before applying to the medical school of your choice, know what your purpose is and keep your ultimate goal in mind.  You want to become a doctor or healthcare professional in a life- saving industry that is in high demand for licensed professionals.  Becoming a physician is a rewarding experience and requires passion, drive, and patience.  You will be interacting with many people on a daily basis, and you must show each of your patients a high amount of care and respect, no matter how tired you are or how long you have been on your feet.

Attending medical school will offer you the opportunity to meet a very diverse group of people.  These people will share your vision of a future in the medical field.  You will also be exposed to a mix of experience and value, while you transition from your four-year college to the medical school of your choosing.  Going from college to a fast paced learning environment like a faculty of medicine can come as a shock to you.  There are added costs involved, and the process of applying can be long and lengthy.  The application process is where your patience will first be tested. 

What Can I Expect in Medical School?

Medical school entails a lot of studying and even more self-discipline.  Your sleeping and eating habits will have to adapt to your new fast paced class schedule and significantly larger workload.  The best way to develop better study habits would be to join a group study session.  Having this extra support will prove useful and remind you that you are not on this journey alone.

In medical school, you are graded on a pass or fail basis.  Don’t be afraid to fail once or twice.  It is a change from the usual letter grades and curve you are used to, but you won’t be competing with your classmates in the fight for the best grades anymore.  You can just focus on learning your material and passing your exams.  Focus on your personal goals and gain a once in a lifetime experience in the process.

Medical school is also a pretty expensive endeavor to undertake.  Have you ever considered working part time as a Medical Scribe as a stepping stone to your future career in the medical field?  At Proscribe we will provide you with the tools and support you need as you walk the path toward your chosen profession in the medical industry.  You will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and flexible learning options to stretch your career aspirations further.

Most people have reported that they had better luck in their professional careers after gaining the experience of becoming a Medical Scribe and have had plenty of networking opportunities as well.