How to Increase Productivity and Efficiency in the Healthcare System

Physician productivity is essential to any office, hospital or other medical institutions. Doctors need to take a leadership role in their position and focus their time and attention on improving patient and doctor relationships and personalized healthcare services.

Medical Scribes have been found to help take some of the workload experienced during the transition to the EHR system away from the physicians by taking over the responsibility of the electronic paperwork.  Medical Scribes make it possible to leave the doctors with more time to spend with their patients during each appointment.

Most physicians in recent years have reported that the EHR system has hindered their workflow and made their offices run less efficiently and consumed too much of their time.  Hiring a Medical Scribe will help to assist the doctors in all of these operations and take the pressure off of them, so they won’t have to rush from patient to patient because of paperwork.

To help determine the value of hiring a Medical Scribe, you should consider how many patients you see per hour, the number of billable patients, how long is the length of stay for each patient, and door-to-doctor times.  In most studies, there was a marked improvement in these aspects which showed that hiring a scribe is worth the investment, especially if you consider cutting at least one physician hour.  This cut could potentially pay the hourly rate for a Medical Scribe, as well as see productivity increase and allow more time for the scribe to dedicate to proper documentation.

At Proscribe we understand the need for your patients to have as much time as possible during office visits and consultations.  We thoroughly train our scribes so that they fully understand emergency rooms, primary care centers, and even specialty clinics.  Before working at your facility, they also gain extensive training on proper medical terminology and the documentation process.  They understand the need for patients to have that continuous one on one time with their doctors and know the importance of patient confidentiality.