20 Minute Wait Times Are Bad For Both Patients And Clinics

On average, the amount of time a patient has to wait for the doctor to arrive is roughly 20 minutes, and it’s been at least that high for a while now.  The exact time varies depending on the state, the specialist, and the clinic, but at the same time a “short” wait time is still around 15 minutes.  There are plenty of news articles and blogs out there that complain about this wait time from the patient’s perspective, but it’s important to remember that long waits are bad for the clinic, too.

Every minute that a patient spends in a clinic without being helped by a nurse or a doctor is a minute spent wasting the clinic’s time and money.  While the patient is growing tired and annoyed from waiting, the clinic is using up rooms it could have given to additional patients if the wait times were shorter.

There are a number of reasons why these wait times are so long.  Too many patients and not enough doctors, patients who need more attention than expected, the time spent waiting for x-rays and test results to come in, and the time spent on insurance forms and other paperwork all play a role.

Fortunately, there are ways to spread out the work load without taking on the expense of another fully trained doctor or nurse.  ProScribe provides professional administrative medical assistants to clinics and hospitals, assistants who can take care of the busywork of modern medicine so that the medical professionals can spend more time with their patients.

Our highly trained scribes can fetch test results, fill out paperwork, handle phone calls, and transcribe symptom reports quickly and accurately, making each patient’s trip to the clinic shorter and more satisfying.  As a result, the clinic can see more patients each day, making the appointment delay shorter as well, and on average our service pays for itself when your physicians are able to see just two more patients per day.  And if you’d like to learn more, you can contact us today for a free consultation.