Good Scribes Are About Good Budgets

One of the most common arguments that the management of a clinic, or the department heads at a hospital will have about the idea of bringing a medical scribe into a facility is the concern about expense. Few medical facilities have stacks of money just lying around for impulsive spending, and many believe that bringing in a scribe, with the attendant salary and possible employee benefits that may entail, is just an added expense that will severely impact the overall budget.

In other words, even though most decision makers will acknowledge that there are real work benefits to a scribe assisting in a clinic or emergency room, the cost, they fear, will be prohibitive.

In one sense, you can’t argue with the math. Bringing aboard another employee is going to add to expenses, there simply is no getting around that. However, the implication that this added expense will contribute nothing to the overall revenue of a facility and merely drag it down in terms of profitability is where the biggest mistake is being made.

The reality however, is that the use of a professional, such as one of our ProScribes, can, when properly accounted for in budgeting, get a dramatic return on investment simply because scribes can increase the number of patients seen per day, and thus increase revenue. A busy doctor or nurse practitioner is a good one, but if that busyness comes at the cost of reduced patient visits, there’s a big problem. A ProScribe can negate that, cutting out a huge chunk of time a doctor would spend filling out the EHR so that patients can get consulted, diagnosed or treated and quickly resolved so that another patient can come in.

It’s the classic argument of “you have to spend a little money to make more money,” and over the years, medical scribes have definitely proven their worth. If you’d like to see your facility’s productivity go up, contact us today, and see how a ProScribe can improve your medical practice.