Scribes Are Useful In Academic Settings

One of the undeniable takeaways of using professional medical scribes is that they save time and keep data organized. In a typical day, a medical scribe at a hospital or clinic can save hours from a medical practitioner’s day by letting the practitioner concentrate on patients and diagnosis, rather than data entry. A scribe also ensures that the EHR of a patient is kept up to date not just for insurance purposes, but for medical records, which benefits everyone.

But while it’s obvious that scribes are a benefit in standard medical settings, those same benefits transfer over to an academic institution as well.

More Time To Teach & Learn

Although slightly different in focus, an academic hospital is dedicated not just to treatment, but also research and instruction. This means that data and accurate patient records are more important than ever. For researchers, this means that they can concentrate on their work while scribes take down the pertinent data. In a teaching setting, this means that instructors can focus on resident training, paying more attention to med students.

This also means that the students themselves have a better chance to develop their skills with interacting and diagnosing patients. Obviously, it is important for them to learn the nuances of the EHR since this is a standard part of medical practice, but it’s more important when a patient is present to actually deal with the patient, not information that needs to be keyed in about him or her.

A scribe can even assist in establishing better workflow, coordinating data such as patient information, lab results and diagnostics between the all the relevant parties. This lets staff stay at their jobs and remain focused, rather than needing to accommodate clerical or administrative duties in addition to their specialization.

A ProScribe professional trained medical scribe has obvious benefits in the hospital or clinic. But when it comes to research or training the next generation of doctors, there are advantages that can be very useful as well.