Scribes Can Mean A Safer Environment

“To err is human,” is an old truism that everyone acknowledges. But often when it comes to the field of medicine, people are understandably far more concerned that professionals responsible for health make as few mistakes as possible. This is an area where a wrong diagnosis or prescription can mean hospitalization or, in the most tragic of cases, death. And it’s something that every doctor and nurse practitioner is aware of and strives to avoid.

A professional medical scribe like the ones we train at ProScribe is one more layer of authentication to help prevent medical error and ensure more safety for patients. By allowing medical practitioners to focus their efforts on diagnosis and patient communication, this ensures both a better consultation and clearer focus for patients.

Scribes also ensure more accurate preservation of information. Without a scribe, a doctor would either have to stop a consultation to make a data entry, or remember the vital information and then enter it once the consultation is over. Either of these instances increase the chance of either a data error, or a diagnosis error. With a scribe taking down information as it happens, the accuracy is preserved.

Scribes can also play a role in information management. By having scribes be the recipient and deliverer of information to doctors and other staff, a well-trained scribe organizes and prioritizes information, giving the most important information in the most timely fashion to the people that require it, and increasing efficiency so that everyone has the information they need at hand to do their job.

All of these smaller services add up to eliminating bottle necks or vulnerabilities in the way that information is distributed and/or preserved. It lets specialists remain focused on their actual area of expertise, and gives them more time to make thoughtful, informed decisions.

When you let a ProScribe do his or her job in a medical facility, you give everyone else the ability to do their own jobs faster, more thoroughly and more safely for everyone.