Quiz Yourself To Figure Out Your Medical Field

Once upon a time, the only real division in medicine was between doctors and surgeons.  Those days are long gone, however, and these days a physician can specialize in just about any organ of the body along with patient ages and disease types.  It can be an intimidating choice when you first look at the massive list of options, so you owe it to yourself to ask yourself a few questions and narrow down your choices.

Do You Like Talking To People?

Just about every practicing physician comes in contact with patients for at least part of their job, but it’s a bigger part of the day for some specialties than for others.  For the most part, these correspond with the “primary care” professions, which include general practitioners, pediatricians, geriatricians, and psychiatrists.  On the other hand, if you consider talking with others to be nothing more than a chore, your best bet is a specialty which focuses more on getting test results, like radiology and pathology.

Do You Like Certain People More Than Others?

Some people enjoy being around the elderly, but others get uncomfortable.  Some people love kids, others can’t stand them.  Some people far prefer hanging out with others of their own gender.  Many medical specialties spend more time with certain populations than with others, and you should plan accordingly.  If you’re looking at a specific job, you should find out which specialty is required to be considered for it.

How Much Blood Can You Stand?

Not every medical profession involves rooting around in entrails, but some of them do, and it’s not for everyone.  If you can deal with seeing blood and people’s insides on a daily basis, a surgical profession could be the right fit for you.  If you’d rather avoid that sort of thing but you still want to help people, consider a specialty like psychiatry or dermatology.

How Much Stress Can You Handle?

Stress is a part of medicine no matter which field you go into, but some specialties invite more of it than others.  For instance, pathology and emergency medicine are all about quick actions that have to be right the first time, and pediatrics have to deal with children in danger and panicking parents.  On the other hand, ophthalmologists spend most of their days prescribing eyeglasses.

There’s also a way in which clinics and hospitals can reduce stress across the board: medical scribes.  At ProScribe, we offer skilled medical administrative assistants who can transcribe notes, take phone calls, fill out forms, and otherwise handle the office work of modern medicine so that the trained and licensed medical professionals can spend their time on their patients and diagnoses instead.  Paperwork is a part of medicine no matter which specialty you’re looking at, and so getting ProScribe’s services is always a good idea.