Scribes Can Affect PQRS

For medical facilities that work with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), there is an initiative available to these qualified healthcare providers called the Physician Quality Reporting System.  This measure was initially optional and strictly voluntary, allowing those facilities that chose to to provide even more medical information on certain specific details of treatment as a way to gauge the effectiveness and quality of the treatment for more complete information. However, in 2015, the submission of PQRS data to the CMS became mandatory, making it one more field of information that needed to be accurately filled and submitted if participating healthcare providers didn’t want to face penalties from the CMS.

Scribes Help

With an experienced, highly trained medical scribe like the staff we have at ProScribe, PQRS data can be made easier in many ways. The use of a medical scribe during treatment can often speed up the actual consultation process, which can improve the PQRS when it comes time to submit. However, highly trained scribes are also capable of filling out the PQRS itself, thus taking this additional clerical burden off the shoulders of the doctor or nurse practitioner.

By freeing up the amount of time medical staff need to spend on treatment and data entry, scribes have an indirect, but significant positive contribution to PQRS data. However, with the right medical scribe, that PQRS data entry can be taken entirely off the duties of the practicing medical staff, enabling even more time and a significant reduction of stress and non-treatment related activities on the part of your staff. This also makes it much easier to remain compliant with CMS requirements and avoid any penalties that might arise from poorly formatted or incomplete submissions that can occur when staff are pressed for time over the course of a busy day.