Get Into Your Dream Medical School: Five Ways To Give Yourself An Advantage

The medical school application process is extremely competitive.  Fewer than half of all applicants get accepted into any school, and even less get go to their dream school.  Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to give yourself an advantage during the application process so your application stands out.  Here are the five best ways to give yourself an advantage:

1.  Work In The Medical Field

This is probably the most important thing you can do to give yourself an advantage over other candidates.  When the board is reviewing your application and sees professional medical experience on your CV, not only will they know that you can handle the pressures of the medical field, but that you are dedicated to working in medicine.  Working as a scribe is a fantastic way to show the board that you have the skills and knowledge to begin a medical education.

2.  Apply To Multiple Schools

On average, prospective students apply to 14 different schools, but half of these applicants won’t even get into one.  So even if you have excellent grades, high MCAT scores, impressive references, and range of professional experiences, you can still end up with a rejection letter.  The best way to guarantee success is to apply to as many schools as possible. 

3.  Check, Double Check, And Triple Check Your Application

Application review boards go over every little detail of your application with a fine-tooth comb.  So anything that is done in error will be a mark against you.  Make sure that you submit every single document they require and carefully proofread all of your documents for any mistakes.  If possible, get a second set of eyes, like your academic advisor, a medical professional, or your favorite undergraduate professor to look over the application.  That way you will not be rejected based on an avoidable mistake.

4.  Make Sure You Get A Great Score On Your MCAT

Medical schools will look at your whole application from your grades to your professional experience, however they rate these things based on subjective measures.  Even if you have amazing grades but were at a less competitive college or in a less rigorous major than someone with lower grades, your GPA may not hold as much weight as you’d like.  The best way to prove your value is with your MCAT scores.  So study like crazy and if you get a lackluster score, don’t be afraid to take the test again until you get a score that makes you stand out.

5.  Find Out Who Their Ideal Candidate Is

Every medical university has different standards for their students.  Find out what the university likes in a candidate and tailor your application to those preferences.  A great place to start is by finding out what hospitals a university works with and their areas of expertise, then highlight your compatible strengths.  You can also talk to former students or even develop a relationship with some of the academic staff to get an idea of what they typically are looking for in an applicant.

By following these five tips, you’ll be sure to get into one of your top schools.  Also, if you are looking for a great way to make your medical school application stand out, consider working with Proscribe.  Working with our knowledgeable physicians will give you valuable experience and help your medical application stand out!  So contact us today to see what types of opportunities we can offer you!