The Importance of Medical Scribes in the World of Medicine

Medical Scribes have been gaining in popularity in recent years especially since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The act made it possible for everyone to have affordable health insurance but this also means that patient and doctor face time could be lessened due to the higher volume of patients that the emergency department, clinics, and outpatient centers are now required to see.

The Role of a Medical Scribe

A Medical Scribe works closely with doctors and healthcare professionals, and they are responsible for accurately recording the medical notes and history and everything else that is shared between the patient and the doctor during their appointments. Scribes also help assist when it comes to other office and administrative tasks as needed.  

Benefits of a Medical Scribe

There are many added benefits to having a Medical Scribe on staff at your healthcare facility, these benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing more one on one time between the doctor and the patient
  • Waiting room times decrease because the Scribe is handling the information for the doctors
  • Scribes allow the doctors more time to see more patients by taking the responsibility of patient charts and data entry away from the doctor

ProScribe MD Services

At ProScribe MD we hire people who have a passion for the medical field and people that can carry themselves professionally while meeting high standards for patient care and coordination. We hire highly motivated individuals with strong written and verbal communication skills who understand the need for doctors to be able to spend more quality time with their patients.

Through our training process, our scribes are ensured to receive a very thorough understanding of several different aspects of healthcare including knowledge of emergency departments, primary clinics, and other outpatient or specialty clinics. They also become familiar with medical terminology and office and clerical work.

With a ProScribe Medical Scribe, you can see a drastic increase of completed charts daily and increased productivity overall. You will reap the financial benefits of cutting down on chart time and data entry so that your facility can see more patients daily while being able to spend that much-needed quality face time with them. No more worrying about paperwork because your focus will be primarily settled on your patient's care and management.