The Quality and Efficiency of an ACO

The ACO, or Accountable Care Organization, is in place to bring together groups of doctors and other medical professionals voluntarily to give coordinated and high-quality healthcare to their Medicare patients. The goal of this type of organization is to provide the patient with more personal and face to face time with their doctors and help to avoid repeated or unnecessary care and services while providing the specific care and attention they need when they need it.

Successful ACO’s can lead to generating financial savings, improve the quality of the care given to their patients, and gain an added advantage when it comes to the Group Practice Reporting Option.

Generating Financial Savings

A medical facility does not have to participate in an ACO program; these programs are completely voluntary and up to the discretion of the practice. However, moving to an ACO model could generate added financial savings during the year. Medicare offers a few different options when it comes to ACO’s including the Medicare Shared Savings Program, the Advance Payment ACO Model, and a Pioneer ACO Model.

All the previous models are designed as incentive programs with coordinated care as their key focus. It leads the ACO to spend less in healthcare costs while still providing the best quality care that their patients deserve.

The Shared Savings Program was established under the Affordable Care Act and helps to reduce unnecessary costs associated with an individual’s healthcare. 

Through the Advanced Payment ACO Model, participants are eligible to receive monthly payments so that they can better invest in their care coordination programs. They receive an advance on the funds that they are estimated to earn.

The Pioneer ACO Model is based on population and allows Medicare, employers, and patients to share in the savings.

Care Coordination

Care Coordination is vital when it comes to an individual’s medical services and needs. At ProScribe MD we can help ensure that patients are receiving the care they need as well as the follow-ups. We work with health systems to coordinate patient care in the emergency department, clinics, and even outpatient settings.

We make sure that the patients see the right doctors at the right times while avoiding unnecessary cost expenses because of treatments and care that they do not need.  We are committed to patients and the quality care that they receive.

At ProScribe we also work toward improving patient satisfaction scores and the overall patient experience. We answer any questions the patient may have, and our Patient Experience Coordinators ultimate focus is set on patient care and clinical outcomes.