The Cost Versus the Benefits of a Medical Scribe

Medical scribes have recently proven to be an asset to medical facilities all over the country. They provide support to the doctors and staff to help healthcare providers run more smoothly and efficiently. They also cut down on time a doctor would normally have to spend doing paperwork and handling medical records.

When a practice begins the process of determining whether a scribe would be beneficial or not, they begin by finding the difference between the additional revenue they can generate versus the additional costs they would incur including salary, taxes, and benefits.

Research has shown that by hiring a medical scribe, a facility could potentially see a savings of $2500 per patient in a standard office setting. With this added revenue and the additional help, these offices could see more patients in a single day and bring in additional revenue because they have the aid of a scribe when it comes to assisting the doctors with the record management and other vital office tasks.

How Much Does Hiring a Scribe Cost?

On average, a scribe could theoretically average about $10 to $20 per hour; this number could also vary based on experience, the type of practice they are working in, and whether their hours are full or part time. A scribe makes a small fraction of what a physician makes per hour. Scribes also measure at approximately twenty percent of the productivity of a physician.

What to Consider When Hiring a Scribe

There are many factors a facility may want to consider when they look at the financial aspects of hiring a scribe. They will look at the marginal monthly revenue and the marginal monthly costs against the advantages that can be gained by hiring the additional help.

  • More patients per hour can be seen on a given day
  • The number of billable patients can increase
  • Reduction in hours of coverage needed by the physician
  • The waiting times and the length of times patients are being seen
  • The door to door doctor times. The amount of time between each patient

ProScribe is a good source when it comes to learning what positive changes a medical scribe, or other assistance can make to a practice and the way they conduct and handle the business side of operations.

The salary for a scribe is only a fraction of what a doctor makes, and with the aid of a scribe, the doctor is awarded more time and more hours to devote to patient care instead of paperwork and ensuring billing and claim accuracy.