Improving the Medical Billing Process

Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims with the health insurance companies so that the healthcare provider may receive payment for services rendered. Medical billing can turn into a lengthy process that can take time away from the physician and other medical staff which, in turn, can negatively affect financials and can seriously tarnish the practice’s patient satisfaction scores.

Financial Aspects of Billing for Patients

Medical billing and coding affect several aspects within an establishment including scheduling, registration, insurance eligibility, patient and order management. If these medical billing processes are improved and can be more patient friendly, all financial discussions can be limited to communication.

The bill the patient receives should be clear and easy to read which cuts down on later conversations between the patient and the medical office. Everything should be clearly and concisely stated in the statement so that the office and the patient know which items they are responsible for paying.

If there are problems with bills, or if billing and coding information gets incorrectly sent to the patient or the insurance companies, it causes communication and payment issues. All issues must be resolved before payment can be rendered. These wait times can affect the financials of the provider and puts them in a less than desired position with the patient because the patient may feel like the proper information was not being accurately conveyed; this can negatively affect patient satisfaction scores.

Patient Satisfaction Scores

Patient Satisfaction Scores are a way to improve patient care in healthcare facilities by providing the best care and offering the best communication possible in all points of service. These scores measure the quality the patient receives. If these scores are low, it can adversely affect patient retention.

How to Improve

Medical Scribes are useful in providing that extra care and service in a medical facility so that it frees up more of the physician’s face to face time with the patient. Medical Scribes are specially trained in all aspects of healthcare so that they can provide a more efficient and patient-friendly environment when it comes to patient records, billing and coding, and patient satisfaction.

At ProScribe we train people to become the best that they can be so they can better assist doctors and patients. Medical scribes can take billing, insurance claims, and code checking and complete the proper documentation themselves and ensure its accuracy which takes the pressure and delay of back-end transaction processing away.

The medical scribe can take on this additional work and free more time up for the doctor to see patients and build needed revenue for the practice to thrive.