Transitioning from a Pharmacy Technician to a Medical Scribe

The healthcare industry covers a vast expanse of healthcare services including family practices, hospitals and emergency departments, specialty clinics, and even pharmacies.  A pharmacy technician plays a critical role in healthcare because they are the next stop following the doctor and the ones that provide the patient with the recommended medicine that was recently prescribed by the doctor.

Pharmacy technicians have to deal with angry and sick patients, impatient customers, and the stress of dispensing medicine. Working in a pharmacy can be a high-pressure environment that may not showcase much in the way of reward and benefit due to the substantial amount of time a tech devotes to these services.

Usually, pharmacy technicians share a passion for medicine, and that is why they chose this career field. If they plan on moving up in their careers within the healthcare industry, they have to start thinking about their future and expanding their knowledge base to other aspects of healthcare.

Pharmacy Technician Versus a Medical Scribe

Pharmacy technicians can make more money annually, and as they work, they can gain certifications in their field. One of the biggest downsides of a pharmacy technician is that the job can become very routine and monotonous. They perform the same tasks daily, but they do gain some clinical knowledge and build a vocabulary of medical terminology.

Medical scribes are given the opportunity to learn more and gain more experience within the healthcare field they choose. It is also a great opportunity for networking and is a good step to take if medical school is in their future. A medical scribe’s job is fast paced, and they become beneficial assistants for doctors.

Both pharmacy techs and scribes share the same passion for medicine and helping patients but taking the avenue of a medical scribe can further expand their knowledge and experience and offer them different ways in which to help patients on a more personal level.

At ProScribe we strive to deliver excellent service while finding the highest quality candidates to join our team. We offer training in all aspects of healthcare including teaching medical terminology, documentation processes, and facility workflow.

With the implementation of electronic medical record documentation, Medical Scribes are becoming an integral piece of the medical industry and can aid in improving office efficiency and patient satisfaction scores. With improved patient satisfaction scores, practices can see an increase in the number of patients they see daily and an improved quality of care that each patient receives.