Medical Scribes in an Emergency Department Setting

In recent years, healthcare facilities have begun transitioning from paper to digital medical record keeping and have gained increases in efficiency by utilizing the services of medical scribes in their practice.

Medical scribes benefit the healthcare industry by performing several tasks including tracking down medical data, documenting patient encounters with the physician, facilitating communication between the physician and the patient, and improved financial returns on their investment.

ROI has been measured in patients treated per hour, the decrease that is seen in downcodes, the improvement in patient walk-outs, and the patient to provider staffing ratios. There is a noted improvement in provider efficiency while reducing higher cost overheads. All these elements boast of significant ROI gains in the emergency department.

Benefits of an ED Medical Scribe

  • Increased Patient Experience
  • Increased Physician Productivity
  • Increased Revenue Capture per ED Document
  • Fewer Patient Walk-outs
  • Decreased Overtime Hours in the ED
  • Decreased Dictation Costs

Patient experiences are vital in maintaining patient numbers and continuous visits. If the patient is not satisfied with the service they were given, then they are not likely to return to that particular emergency department in the future. Medical scribes are able to afford the attending physician more face to face time with each patient which also goes hand in hand with increasing physician productivity. The physician can see more patients per hour and have more time to dedicate to their individualized and personal care.

Revenue capture includes the efficiency of the billing and charging systems in a hospital. It is vital to capture procedure charges and create prospective payment guidelines to track performance and assess the impact of certain charges. Medical scribes capture data during exams and then use the EMR system to submit the data for accurate reimbursement for services rendered. Medical scribes receive billing and coding training and can check the data for accuracy; this saves the physician time and provides for fewer mistakes.

The amount of time the physicians gain also aids in cutting down the number of patients that leave the emergency department without being seen. With the aid of a scribe, the physician can cut down the wait times and can see more patients than before. In turn, this also cuts down on overtime hours and can potentially shave a few hours of a shift, or even a whole shift eliminated in its entirety, which saves the department more money while still seeing higher patient satisfaction scores.

If your emergency department or healthcare facility is looking to hire a medical scribe to increase your ROI, then contact us at ProScribe MD. We will deliver exceptional service by providing you with the highest quality and professionally trained scribe to assist your practice and improve its efficiency and patient retention.