The American Medical Student Association

Medical school can be very demanding on a student, and it is important that the student has adequate support and encouragement throughout the entire process. The American Medical Student Association was founded in 1950 and is based out of Washington DC. It is one of the largest and the oldest independent associations for medical students and training within the United States.

The association is in place to grant information to students that may not be covered in their traditional curriculum. They also accept sponsorship and funding from pharmaceutical companies. Currently, there are over 68,000 medical students, residents, and physicians from all over the United States that claim membership to this association.

What do they do?

The American Medical Student Association has always been governed by the students, and the President and other leaders are elected to serve one-year terms. If a student has the privilege of becoming the AMSA President, then they will have to take a one-year leave from medical school to serve, but they have been found to go into many other roles of leadership positions in government and academia settings in the future.

The AMSA Foundation was designed to conduct quality and innovative programming and manages a significant amount of grant funds. They also work with private foundations to improve physician development while helping to find new and innovative ways to train students in the medical field.

They have launched programs in several different fields of medicine to help further educate students on many health issues and other reform. Some of these programs include primary care, alternative medicine, health policy, HIV and Aids education, health service management, and several other programs.

The AMSA has many active campaigns, and they are dedicated to allocating time, energy, and resources towards activism in their memberships. They are working toward social change while building future leaders in the healthcare industry.

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