Our Method

What is your hiring process? How do you select your medical scribes? 

To deliver exceptional service and the highest quality candidates, we provide a turnkey hiring and implementation process that includes


We seek positive and dependable pre-med, pre-health, and healthcare-focused students who are passionate, ethical, and committed to professional excellence.


Scribes must complete a rigorous pre-screening process. This allows us to determine the most efficient pre-med, pre-health, and healthcare-focused students for your emergency department, primary care clinic, or specialty clinic.


Our interview questions are thoughtfully curated and allow us to gauge the candidate's communication skills, project management skills, adaptability, response to high-stress situations, commitment to the medical field, and more.

Classroom Training

Our scribes complete an extensive classroom training program where they are educated on the specific didactic requirements for Primary Care Clinics, Specialty Clinics, or Emergency Departments. They also learn from experienced trainers about their roles as medical scribes, HIPAA regulations, medical documentation, pertinent medical terminology, and more.

Clinical Training

Scribes complete multiple shifts with an experienced trainer to solidify their understanding and knowledge of your healthcare facility, workflow, physician expectations, and more.


Testing is done throughout the classroom and clinical training phases. Each scribe must also pass a final examination before working independently as a scribe.


We manage all aspects of scheduling and have maintained a 99.23% coverage rate of all contracted hours since 2013.


“Continuing education is important to ProScribe, and we reap the benefits of the scribes’ expanded knowledge, especially when it comes to our EMR.”
— Specialty Outpatient Physician, Columbia, South Carolina


Are scribes prepared to work in my specific healthcare clinic or facility?

Absolutely! Our hassle-free hiring, implementation, and training process ensures that all scribes have a thorough understanding of your emergency department, primary care clinic, or specialty clinic.

As part of our training, scribes learn your electronic medical record (EMR) documentation process, facility workflow, and appropriate medical terminology.

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