Medical Scribe Services

At ProScribe, we specialize in medical scribe services to support healthcare professionals by alleviating the overwhelming burden of medical documentation. Our services enable clinicians to focus more intently on patient care, ensuring that each patient receives the attention they deserve. With our dedicated team, each medical assistant scribe has the right training to accurately record every detail during patient visits.

Our medical scribing services suit the unique needs of various healthcare settings, whether in hospitals, clinics, or private practices. By integrating our clinical scribe professionals into your team, we streamline operations, reduce administrative load, and improve patient engagement. This support allows healthcare providers to spend more time with their patients and less time on paperwork, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and increased job satisfaction for providers.

Choose ProScribe for reliable and efficient medical scribe services that transform the way care is delivered.

Providers went to school to treat patients, not to become data entry clerks. Adding medical scribes to the workflow of your practice is a cost-effective solution to the burden of electronic documentation.  Our dedicated team is here to help you every step along the way.

We understand that every medical practice has specific needs, so we tailor our medical scribe training programs to meet the unique requirements of your facility in order to achieve your personalized goals.  From recruitment and training, to implementation and ongoing management, we take care of the logistics so you can take care of your patients.

Medical Scribe Services

Types of Scribe Services

On-Site Scribe

Our in-person medical scribes are passionate about healthcare and work alongside the provider, assisting him/her by documenting into the EHR and performing other clerical duties.  Each scribe goes through our extensive training program to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of your workflow, EHR, provider documentation preferences, and appropriate medical terminology.  This prepares them for success from day one.  

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  • Increase patient volume
  • All charts are completed same day of service
  • More accurate documentation
  • Increase patient satisfaction scores
  • Improve provider quality of life

Ideal for providers who:

  • Are experiencing burnout
  • Have outstanding charts
  • Want to increase patient volume
  • Spend too much time documenting
  • Want to focus on patient care

SoGo Virtual Scribe 

SoGo (Scribe on the Go) connects providers to virtual medical scribes through a HIPAA compliant application.  The application allows the virtual medical scribe to watch and listen to examination while documenting into your EHR in real-time. Developed with a busy provider in mind, SoGo was engineered to be easy to use with no disruption to the provider’s current workflow.  

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  • All SoGo Scribes are based in the U.S.
  • Connected live with a SoGo Scribe
  • Real-time documentation into the EMR
  • All charts completed same day of service
  • More accurate documentation

Ideal for providers who:

  • Prefer not to have a scribe in the exam room
  • Located in rural areas
  • Don’t have access to a pool of qualified candidates
  • Limited space in exam rooms
  • Operate in multiple locations

What Makes Us Different

Tailored Programs For Every Specialty

Every practice is different, which is why creating a customized training program is so important to the success of your organization.  Our medical scribes undergo a rigorous 3-phase training program designed to prepare them for any specialty.  Most importantly, all of this is done at no cost to you.

You Got 99 Problems But A Missed Shift Ain’t One

We understand that once a medical scribe is integrated into the workflow of your practice, they become an important part of your care team.  Our shift coverage is consistently at 99.8% of all contracted shifts. We attribute that to our staffing model, which includes an online scheduling platform and backup scribes assigned to every shift.

Rapid Implementation Timeline

Depending on the size of the program, implementation usually takes around 6 weeks before a scribe is documenting solo on behalf of the provider.  This process consists of recruiting a quality candidate and training the medical scribe on your specialty, provider documentation preferences, and specific EHR.

Seamless Transition Process

Our transition process is designed to have no disruption to your workflow. Implementation trainers will be relocated to your facility to provide 100% coverage from day one of the transition while the local medical scribes are being recruited and trained.

Data Driven Solutions

We partner with you to establish program goals using measurable KPIs and provide monthly quality reports to ensure your objectives are met.


What is a medical scribe?

A medical scribe is an individual hired to enter information into the EMR at the direction of a physician or licensed independent practitioner.

What benefits does a medical scribe provide?

Utilizing a medical scribe allows for real-time documentation and 100% completion of charts same day of service. In addition to reducing chart closure times, the medical scribe creates the capacity to see more patients during the day and improve the time spent during the patient visit.  

  • Increase Provider Productivity
  • Improve Provider Quality of Life
  • All Charts Done Same Day of Service
  • More Accurate Documentation
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • Scribes are ProScribe’s W-2 employees
  • Responsive Account Management

Does ProScribe offer services in my area?

We operate nationwide and are always looking for expansion opportunities.  However, we do require a minimum amount of coverage hours per week in order to implement a medical scribe program.  Please contact us for more details.

What EMRs do you work with?

We work with every EMR.

How long does it take to get a medical scribe?

Depending on the size of your medical scribe program, it usually takes around 6 weeks before a scribe is documenting on behalf of the provider.

Is there an implementation fee for your program?

ProScribe does not charge an implementation fee.  You are only billed for the time a medical scribe is documenting on behalf of the provider.

Who manages the medical scribe?

The medical scribes are our W2 employees. ProScribe will assign a Client Service Manager who will be your main point of contact regarding the scribe program. The CSM will work directly with you to ensure ongoing quality of each scribe.  Depending on the size of the program, ProScribe will promote a local scribe to be the Site Coordinator to assist with scheduling the medical scribes and various administrative tasks.

How long does a scribe stay with the program?

We focus on hiring individuals with an educational background focused on healthcare.  They are typically on the path to become the future healthcare providers of America, making them the brightest candidates dedicated to the providers we serve.  On average, our scribes stay with our organization 16-18 months before advancing to the next phase of their healthcare career.

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