Contact tracing is a key strategy for preventing further spread of COVID-19. As testing for COVID-19 increases, so does the need for contact tracers who work with patients to help them recall everyone with whom they have had close contact during the timeframe while they may have been infectious. ProScribe’s workforce has a thorough understanding of the healthcare process and leverages their unique skill set to quickly recruit, hire, train, and deploy contact tracers across the United States.

ProScribe Contact Tracer Benefits

Experienced Healthcare Workers

Since 2010, ProScribe has successfully recruited, hired and trained pre-medical professionals across the United States. Understanding of medical terminology and symptomatology, patient confidentiality, and additional key attributes are the fundamentals of successful contact tracers and are the core of ProScribe’s Contact Tracing Program.

Patient Engagement

ProScribe contact tracers exhibit the ability to be resourceful yet sensitive during interviews to build and maintain trust with patients and contacts. ProScribe’s Contact Tracing Program equips the contact tracers to provide education, information, and support to infected patients and their families and can assist with collection of follow-up clinical information from infected individuals while adhering to HIPAA guidelines to protect health information.

Telehealth Infrastructure

ProScribe’s Telehealth service is designed to easily deploy remote contact tracer workforce with an established secure infrastructure. The telehealth platform allows maximum flexibility for remote contact tracers to call contacts either on their cell phone, set up a virtual visit, or hot-sync with healthcare providers.

Customized Approach

As part of our implementation process, ProScribe works collaboratively with you to customize the contact tracing program to your specific needs. Our highly skilled team of program managers oversee each unique implementation to ensure our contact tracers are expeditiously and seamlessly ready to support this important task.

How To Get Started

Discovery Call
A member of our Business Development team conducts a discovery call to learn about your specific contact tracing needs.

Receive A Quote
After the initial Discovery Call, the Business Development team will generate and email you your quote.

Start Your Program
Once the agreement is executed, ProScribe will start the planning initiative to implement your contact tracing program.