Healthcare is a constantly changing industry with new advancements in medicine. Physicians are changing the way they conduct their practices, including implementing the digitalization of patient health records and adjusting their workflows to accommodate new requirements.

These positive steps aid in the innovation of predictive and preventative medicine while making a patient’s healthcare experience more personal. With the rollout of EMR or electronic medical records, it is possible to improve the patient experience and allow better treatment because all records are immediately available.

The Downside to Healthcare Advancements

The biggest downside to the recent advancements in healthcare includes soaring healthcare costs, additional wait times, and a less than desirable face to face experience with the doctor. When a patient goes into the office, it is because they want to be seen and helped. They make their appointment thinking that the doctor has the time worked into the schedule to spend time with them and talking to them to come to terms with some treatment plan or assistance.  The Affordable Care Act gave millions of people access to healthcare, which has caused a sudden surge of patients an office is seeing daily. The additional patients without the aid of additional staff or doctors can seriously hinder the overall patient experience.

As healthcare continues to evolve, practices need to introduce additional help so they can better serve a growing number of patients. Medical scribes help with patient record documentation, patient coordination, and even billing and coding. This can ultimately lead to an increase in patient satisfaction, the number of patients seen daily, and facility revenue.

The number one priority in healthcare should be to maintain the focus on the patient experience and we are working toward improving this bottom line.  At ProScribe we hire and train medical scribes that can make a positive impact on the quality of care each person receives daily.


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