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Virtual Medical Scribes: What You Should Know

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Physicians can spend over 40% of their time on EHR documentation, taking valuable time away from patient care. Medical scribes help by taking over these administrative tasks, allowing physicians to focus more on their patients. Read on to learn what you should know about virtual medical scribes and how they can transform your practice.

The Rise of Virtual Medical Scribes

The popularity of virtual scribes has surged in today’s healthcare landscape due to physician burnout, increasing documentation demands, and technological advancements. Unlike traditional, on-site scribes, virtual scribes offer cost-effectiveness and scalability, making them an attractive option for many healthcare practices.

How Virtual Scribes Work

Virtual scribes work by providing real-time documentation during patient consultations via secure video or audio connections. They document patient encounters using Electronic Health Records (EHR), which physicians review and finalize. This process ensures HIPAA compliance and data security.

Benefits of Virtual Medical Scribes

Virtual medical scribes significantly increase physician productivity by giving them more time to spend on patient care, improving physician and patient satisfaction. Virtual scribes also contribute to more complete and accurate medical records, leading to better care. Hiring virtual scribes also offers healthcare facilities increased flexibility and scalability to meet their needs. Having access to a wider talent pool for scribes is another benefit as it creates the potential for around-the-clock coverage.

Getting Started With Virtual Scribes

Start by contacting a reputable virtual scribe company to implement a virtual medical scribe service in your practice. Discuss your practice needs and workflow with them to ensure a good fit. Inquire about the connection process to your EHR system and determine the domestic or international location of the virtual scribes. Finally, confirm the virtual scribes undergo the necessary training and qualifications to meet your practice’s standards.

Now that you understand what you need to know about virtual medical scribes, it’s clear that they offer numerous benefits, including improved physician well-being, enhanced patient care, and increased practice efficiency. Contact ProScribe today to learn more about virtual scribe services and schedule a free consultation.


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