Advice for People Interested in a Medical Scribe Career

If you are looking to enter medical school or just want to learn more about the healthcare industry while being able to help people and provide exceptional quality care, then a profession in the medical scribe field may be perfect for you.

What does a Medical Scribe do?

Medical scribes are responsible for many things including the following:

  • Take notes during a patient interview
  • Write up the patient and physician encounter on the patient’s medical chart
  • Assist the flow of patients through the emergency department
  • Calling for consults and obtaining medical records
  • Enter the history of illness, or HPI, into the system
  • Document physician dictated notes
  • Improve physician productivity and increase patient and physician face time

A medical scribe is a great asset to any practice. Training is available and includes education on the basics of the computer programs that are used within the office, and you also receive training on the electronic medical records system.


Numerous positions open up each year because the healthcare industry acknowledges the importance of a scribe and the many benefits that are associated with it. Job openings also depend on the the staffing requirements for each individual practice.

Advice for Future Medical Scribes

If you are considering becoming a medical scribe, your level of experience or education is not necessarily a factor. Becoming a scribe will award you with continued education, hands-on experience, and the chance to make real and lasting connections within the healthcare industry. Most physicians you work with will be excited to offer you advice and assistance in any way that you need.

Always stay humble. The best medical scribes are the individuals who are willing and eager to learn. They understand the importance of quality care and understand the demand that may be placed on them so that the physicians can offer their patients more time and attention.

If you apply once and do not get the job, do not become discouraged. If you want the job, then truly go for it. Persistence and diligence are important when you choose to follow your dreams and your passion. Apply until you get the job and be confident that it is the job that you want.

At ProScribe MD we can offer you the resources and information you need to pursue a career as a medical scribe. We lay out what is expected of you and educate you on the training process and requirements that are needed. Don’t wait, contact us today for more information.