On-Site Medical Scribe Services

ProScribe offers a dedicated team of on-site medical scribes who serve as a critical asset to healthcare teams, enhancing both efficiency and care quality. Our on-site medical scribes are thoroughly trained to operate within various medical environments, from busy hospitals to private medical offices. Each hospital scribe can navigate the fast-paced environment, ensuring accurate and timely documentation that supports medical professionals in their decision-making processes.

Similarly, our medical office scribe personnel specialize in managing the flow of clinical information, allowing doctors to focus more intently on patient care without the distraction of paperwork. By integrating a medical scribe specialist into your healthcare team, ProScribe bridges the gap between clinical operations and administrative duties, ensuring a smoother, more efficient workflow.

This strategic support not only improves patient interactions but also enhances the overall functionality of healthcare settings, making ProScribe’s on-site medical scribes an indispensable part of any medical team.

Our on-site medical scribes are passionate about healthcare and work alongside the provider, assisting him/her by documenting into the EHR and performing other clerical duties. Each scribe goes through our extensive training program to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of your workflow, EHR, provider documentation preferences, and appropriate medical terminology. This prepares them for success from day one.

99.8% Shift
Coverage 5 Years In A Row

ProScribe is the 2nd largest nationwide medical scribe vendor and understands reliability from your medical scribe vendor is key to a successful medical scribe program. For the past 5 years, ProScribe continues to provide 99.8% shift coverage for all nationwide programs which is the highest in the medical scribe industry.

Management Team

From implementation to the ongoing management of your scribe program, our team is in constant communication with you throughout the process. The ProScribe team is proactive in our workforce management and will partner with you to continue to improve your program during our partnership.

Transitioned Over 15 Programs From Competitors

When transitioning a medical scribe program from another medical scribe vendor, the ProScribe will partner with your leadership team to develop the transition plan. ProScribe's goal is to minimize any disruption of service and provide 100% coverage from day one of the transition.

Most Competitive
Pricing Industry Wide

Being a privately-held company allows ProScribe to offer competitive pricing to their clients without sacrificing the quality of service. ProScribe does not charge an implementation fee, you are only billed for the number of hours the medical scribe is documenting on behalf of the provider.

On-Site Medical Scribe Benefits

Same-Day Chart Completion

Same-Day Chart Completion

The on-site medical scribe will be real-time documenting into your EHR which results in more accurate documentation and allows for all charts to be completed the same day of service.

Increase Patient Volume

Increase Productivity

Providers are able to increase the number of patients they see in a day after incorporating an on-site medical scribe as a part of their care team.

Flexible Implementation Solutions

Customized Training 

Every provider has their own way of documenting notes. We train our on-site medical scribes based on the provider's documentation preferences, specialty, and EHR.

What A Medical Scribe Can Do For You?

Providers went to school to treat patients, not to become data entry clerks. Adding medical scribes to the workflow is a cost-effective solution to the burden of electronic documentation.  Our dedicated team is here to help you every step along the way. We understand that every medical practice has specific needs, so our medical scribe training program is tailored to meet the unique requirements of your facility in order to achieve your specific goals.  From recruitment and training, to implementation and ongoing management, we take care of the logistics so you can take care of your patients.

Implementation Process

Depending on the size of the program, the implementation of an on-site program is typically 6-10 weeks. 

SoGo Implementation

How To Get Started

With the increase of physician burnout nationwide, ProScribe has developed an exemplary medical scribe program that gives clinicians the ability to start focusing on patient care while our team focuses on recruiting, hiring, and training on-site medical scribes.

Discovery Call
A member of our Business Development team conducts a discovery call to learn about your medical scribe needs and discuss the different service lines ProScribe offers.
  • Services ProScribe Offers
  • Scribe Recruiting, Hiring & Training
  • Implementation Process & Timeline

Get A Quote
After the initial discovery call, the Business Development team member will generate and email you your quote.
  • Specialty
  • Clinician’s Schedule
  • Location(s)

Start Your Program
Once the agreement is executed, ProScribe will start the implementation of our on-site medical scribe program.
  • Execute Agreement
  • Project Planning Meeting
  • Implementation Milestones & Go live


What is a medical scribe?

A medical scribe is an individual hired to enter information into the EMR at the direction of a physician or licensed independent practitioner.

What benefits does a medical scribe provide?

Utilizing a medical scribe allows for real-time documentation and 100% completion of charts same day of service. In addition to reducing chart closure times, the medical scribe creates the capacity to see more patients during the day and improve the time spent during the patient visit.  

  • Increase Provider Productivity
  • Improve Provider Quality of Life
  • All Charts Done Same Day of Service
  • More Accurate Documentation
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • Scribes are ProScribe’s W-2 employees
  • Responsive Account Management

Does ProScribe offer services in my area?

We operate nationwide and are always looking for expansion opportunities.  However, we do require a minimum amount of coverage hours per week in order to implement a medical scribe program.  Please contact us for more details.

What EMRs do you work with?

We work with every EMR.

How long does it take to get a medical scribe?

Depending on the size of your medical scribe program, it usually takes around 6 weeks before a scribe is documenting on behalf of the provider.

Is there an implementation fee for your program?

ProScribe does not charge an implementation fee.  You are only billed for the time a medical scribe is documenting on behalf of the provider.

Who manages the medical scribe?

The medical scribes are our W2 employees. ProScribe will assign a Client Service Manager who will be your main point of contact regarding the scribe program. The CSM will work directly with you to ensure ongoing quality of each scribe.  Depending on the size of the program, ProScribe will promote a local scribe to be the Site Coordinator to assist with scheduling the medical scribes and various administrative tasks.

How long does a scribe stay with the program?

We focus on hiring individuals with an educational background focused on healthcare.  They are typically on the path to become the future healthcare providers of America, making them the brightest candidates dedicated to the providers we serve.  On average, our scribes stay with our organization 12-16 months before advancing to the next phase of their healthcare career.

“Our ED has used ProScribe's services since 2010, the providers always have great things to say about there scribes' understanding of medical terminology, and their attention to detail regarding each physian's documentation preferences. ”

Emergency Department Physician DirectorSan Antonio, Texas

“Transitioning to your scribes has been a success! The entire process has been seamless and patient satisfaction has increased. We look forward to continuing services with ProScribe. ”

Emergency Department Physician Salem, Oregon

“There has yet to be a day where I am left without a scribe. The management team is always in constant communication with there scribes to ensure no shift goes uncovered.”

Specialty Outpatient Physician Tampa, Florida

“My scribes are very thorough and excellent to work with they are always quick to address any concerns of mine. I am happy to have made the transition to ProScribe! ”

Family Practice Physician Detroit, MI