SoGo Virtual Medical Scribe Services

Our virtual medical scribe services bring a new level of support to healthcare providers by combining technology with top-tier medical documentation assistance. The virtual medical scribe professionals at ProScribe expertly manage medical records remotely, ensuring accurate and timely entries that support patient care and workflow efficiency. These virtual physician scribes work closely with healthcare providers, attending to documentation needs during patient interactions, which allows clinicians to focus more on the patient without the distraction of note-taking.

Our virtual medical scribes utilize secure technology to handle all types of medical consultations, including telehealth sessions, where direct physical presence isn’t feasible. This flexibility helps maintain continuity and quality of care, making our services an asset in today’s digital healthcare environment. By choosing ProScribe’s virtual medical scribe services, healthcare facilities can optimize their operational efficiency and enhance patient satisfaction.

SoGo (Scribe on the Go) allows you to connect with a virtual medical scribe anywhere, anytime through a HIPAA compliant telehealth application. With the click of a button, be connected to your virtual medical scribe who will document real-time into your EMR so you can focus on patient care. Let our SoGo virtual medical scribes be the answer to your documentation burdens.

Real-Time Communication

The HIPAA compliant application allows two-way communication for the provider and SoGo virtual medical scribe to connect in real-time.

US Based Virtual Scribes

US Based Virtual Scribes

All SoGo virtual medical scribes are based in the United States and strategically placed in regions with the best and brightest individuals.

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Accessible Anywhere

Easily access your SoGo virtual medical scribe anytime, anywhere no matter how many locations you see patients at during the week or on weekends.

Competitive Pricing

Being a privately-held company allows ProScribe to offer competitive pricing to their clients without sacrificing our quality of service.

SoGo Virtual Medical Scribe Benefits

Same-Day Chart Completion

Same-Day Chart Completion

Since the SoGo virtual scribe will be real-time documenting into your EHR, all charts will be completed the same day of service and with more accurate documentation.

Increase Patient Volume

Increase Patient Volume

Many providers and physicians are able to increase the number of patients they see in a day after incorporating a SoGo virtual medical scribe into their practice.

Flexible Implementation Solutions

Flexible Implementation Solutions

Every provider has their own way of documenting notes. We train our SoGo virtual medical scribes based on the provider's documentation preferences, specialty, and EHR.

What a SoGo Virtual Medical
Scribe Can Do For You?

With the rise of telehealth solutions, the implementation of a virtual medical scribe is the simplest and most cost-effective way to decrease burnout due to documentation while also increasing physician or provider productivity. In developing SoGo virtual medical scribe program, the thought was to provide the same values as the on-site service which has been successfully accomplished. Instead of having a medical scribe physically accompany the physician or provider into the examination room, they will now access the SoGo virtual medical scribe through a HIPAA compliant telehealth application. The application allows for a secure audio feed in order for the virtual medical scribe to real-time document into your EMR. Sessions are not recorded. Only the patient data documented into your EHR will remain after each patient-provider interaction, documented by a highly trained SoGo virtual medical scribe.

How Does SoGo Work

In developing our virtual medical scribe program, we wanted to keep as many of the same benefits as our on-site program. Instead of having a person physically accompanying the provider into the examination room, the provider will now access the virtual scribe through a HIPAA compliant application.

Step 1

EHR Documentation

SoGo virtual scribe logs into EHR one hour before first patient to prep the charts for that day’s list of patients.

Step 2

Real-time Communication with SoGo virtual medical scribe

Provider calls SoGo virtual scribes through HIPAA complient application to prehuddle before seeing patients for the day.

Step 3

EHR Documentation

Provider reviews notes and if there are any changes that need to be made, the provider would dictate the changes to the SoGo virtual scribe.

Step 4

Completed Chart

All charts are ready for signature same day of service and the provider leaves with the comfort of knowing all charts are complete.

Implementation Process

Depending on the size of the program, implementation usually takes around 6-8 weeks before a scribe is documenting solo on behalf of the provider.

SoGo Implementation


Are the virtual medical scribes US based?

All SoGo virtual medical scribes are United States students pursuing a career in healthcare.

How do I connect to my virtual medical scribe?

Through a HIPAA Complient Telehealth Application. This application will allow you to connect real-time with your SoGo virtual medical scribe.

Do I need to purchase any additional hardware?

Only if physician or provider does not alreay own a tablet or laptop.

What is a medical scribe?

A medical scribe is an individual hired to enter information into the EMR at the direction of a physician or licensed independent practitioner.

What benefits does a medical scribe provide?

Utilizing a medical scribe allows for real-time documentation and 100% completion of charts same day of service. In addition to reducing chart closure times, the medical scribe creates the capacity to see more patients during the day and improve the time spent during the patient visit.  

  • Increase Provider Productivity
  • Improve Provider Quality of Life
  • All Charts Done Same Day of Service
  • More Accurate Documentation
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • Scribes are ProScribe’s W-2 employees
  • Responsive Account Management

Does ProScribe offer services in my area?

We operate nationwide and are always looking for expansion opportunities.  However, we do require a minimum amount of coverage hours per week in order to implement a medical scribe program.  Please contact us for more details.

What EMRs do you work with?

We work with every EMR.

How long does it take to get a medical scribe?

Depending on the size of your medical scribe program, it usually takes around 6 weeks before a scribe is documenting on behalf of the provider.

Is there an implementation fee for your program?

ProScribe does not charge an implementation fee.  You are only billed for the time a medical scribe is documenting on behalf of the provider.

Who manages the medical scribe?

The medical scribes are our W2 employees. ProScribe will assign a Client Service Manager who will be your main point of contact regarding the scribe program. The CSM will work directly with you to ensure ongoing quality of each scribe.  Depending on the size of the program, ProScribe will promote a local scribe to be the Site Coordinator to assist with scheduling the medical scribes and various administrative tasks.

How long does a scribe stay with the program?

We focus on hiring individuals with an educational background focused on healthcare.  They are typically on the path to become the future healthcare providers of America, making them the brightest candidates dedicated to the providers we serve.  On average, our scribes stay with our organization 16-18 months before advancing to the next phase of their healthcare career.
SoGo Client Portal

SoGo Client Portal

Safe, Secure & HIPAA Compliant 

Sessions are not recorded. Only the patient data documented into your EHR will remain after each patient-provider interaction, documented by a highly trained scribe.

How To Get Started

With the increase of physician burnout nationwide, ProScribe has developed an exemplary medical scribe program that gives clinicians the ability to start focusing on patient care while our team focuses on hiring, training, and managing your medical scribe program.

Discovery Call
A member of our Business Development team conducts a discovery call to learn about your medical scribe needs and discuss the different service lines ProScribe offers.
  • Services ProScribe Offers
  • Scribe Recuiting, Hiring & Training
  • Implementation Process & Timeline

Get A Quote
In order to generate a quote, a member of our Business Development team will need to gather basic information about your organization.
  • Specialty
  • Clinician’s Schedule
  • Location(s)

Start Your Program
Our team will start the planning initiative once you are ready to move forward with implementing an on-site or SoGo virtual medical scribe program.
  • Execute Agreement
  • Project Planning Meeting
  • Implementation Milestones & Go Live

“The scribes are excellent and thoroughly understand the medical terminology, principle, H&P, treatments, and plans. The notes are always comprehensive and complete.”

Primary Care PhysicianTucson, Arisona

“Your scribes have been a success! The virtual documentation into the EHR has been very efficient. I can communicate and talk to the scribe during and after every session as if they were in the clinic with me. ”

Specialty Outpatient PhysicianCorpus Christi, Texas

“The feedback on your scribes is extraordinary. Our virtual medical scribe program is going very well and again wanted to share with you our appreciation ensuring all virtual scribe are properly trained.”

ENT PhysicianNew York