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The struggle for physicians is real. It's time to regain control of your time, increase your productivity and efficiency, and return to what you love to do - help your patients!

Emergency Department

Since the implementation of electronic health records, doctors have discovered a way to increase the time they spend with patients and improve their productivity by accelerating the speed of documentation into the medical record with the assistance of ED medical scribes.

The urgency of many clinical situations can result in charts being down-coded due to improper completion, because physicians are focused on patients and not the computer. As the medical profession completes the transition from paper to the digital medical record, the gains in efficiency through the utilization of ED scribes give healthcare providers a solution to offset the productivity losses stemming from the time-consuming, click-intensive nature of today’s EHRs.

  • Improved charge capture (more Relative Value Units per patient)
  • Increased provider capacity
  • Reduced patient door-to-provider times
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Higher patient satisfaction scores
  • Decreased LWBS (Left Without Being Seen) rates

Hospital - Based

ProScribe has repeatedly demonstrated that the benefit of scribe use extends from the Emergency Department to the outpatient setting, but it also extends to the inpatient setting. For Hospitalists desiring to avoid the time consuming and “click intensive” demands of Electronic Health Records, take advantage of ProScribe’s unique training programs and innovative hospitalist scribes who will help you decrease the time you spend on the computer.

When you add in the increased revenue, improved patient satisfaction and the increased number of patients discharged before noon, using scribes for your hospitalist program is a sure fire way to improve your practice.

Outpatient Clinics

Adding scribes to your busy outpatient practice can be a great way to increase your productivity and free you up to spend more time with your patients. Recruiting, hiring, managing, scheduling, and training scribes yourself can be time-consuming, difficult, and expensive.

The traditional model of physician documentation directly into an EHR leaves patients feeling ignored, decreases productivity for physicians, and leads to down-coding and poor documentation by doctors who don’t want to be data entry clerks. ProScribe’s outpatient scribes are desired for their superior training, professionalism, and documentation expertise. ProScribe has hundreds of outpatient sites and training programs that include primary care and almost every specialty imaginable.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Transition and Implementation

ProScribe can help healthcare organizations who are transitioning, converting, or modernizing their current EMR systems. We have specially trained and experienced scribes with the knowledge necessary to help deliver on short term projects or long term deliverables for your practice.

Care Coordination

In order to assure that patients reach the appropriate specialists and to provide innovative services to schedule patients with outpatient primary care follow up, ProScribe works with health systems to create service oriented care coordinators in the ED, the clinic, and the in-patient settings.

Our care coordinators are patient centric and are trained in many real-time scheduling platforms including “Care Continuity” and “Kyrus”. With a focus on patient centered care, ProScribe works with healthcare facilities to assure that patients make it to the right place and the right time.

Patient Experience Coordinator

Busy Emergency Departments, hospitals, and multi-specialty practices focus on patient care and clinical outcomes. Our PECs (Patient Experience Coordinators) are solely dedicated to improving the patient experience. With service oriented training, customized scripting, and a dedication to assure patients’ needs are met and all of their questions are answered, ProScribe has helped healthcare facilities improve their patient satisfaction scores.


ProScribe assures compliance with both facility and industry requirements as well as any other Federal or State requirements. These include:

  • HIPAA patient confidentiality standards
  • The Joint Commission (TJC), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), and Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP) guidelines
  • Center for Medicare Services (CMS) requirements
  • Meaningful Use
  • International Classification of Disease (ICD-10)
  • Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)
  • Adherence to the scribe job description

In order to protect your health care facility during a survey, ProScribe collaborates with your hospital’s HR department for required documentation of scribe compliance in vaccinations, Tb tests, training, and any other health screenings.

SoGo (Virtual Scribes)

ProScribe’s virtual scribe application, SoGo (Scribe on the Go), is a secure telecommunication application developed to serve clients who have limited space in their exam room or located in rural areas.

Developed with a busy provider in mind, we ensure that every step of the way the app was engineered to be very easy to use with no disruption to the provider's current workflow. SoGo is designed for a provider to take an iPad into any clinic room and seamlessly connect to a scribe.

The application features audio and video components which can be controlled by the provider at anytime. The scribe can listen and observe the patient- provider interaction and scribe directly into your EMR through a remote login. SoGo also contains a “Mute” feature which turns off the audio and video should you or the patient feel the need to do so.

“ProScribe presented concrete data which supported the benefits of scribe services. The company had case study information, as well as ROI estimates which convinced me this was what we needed in order to get to the next level.”
— Emergency Department Physician, Tacoma, Washington

Why should I choose ProScribe as my medical scribe company?

Simply, we provide tangible results and we can prove it! Refer to the graphs below for examples of our success with Specialty Outpatient Clinics and Emergency Departments.


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