Happy National Medical Scribe Week!


On behalf of ProScribe, we want to give a special thanks to all of our medical scribes and would like to extend our appreciation for all of your hard work.

Today’s medical scribes are passionate, driven individuals who aspire to be tomorrow’s physicians, mid-level providers, and nurses.  Thanks to scribes, providers are able to put their focus back on healthcare and give their undivided attention to their patients. Many providers attribute their scribes as the sole reason they were able to prevent burnout and extend their medical career.

Medical scribes improve the experience for both healthcare providers and patients.  Real-time documentation at the point-of-care enhances the healthcare system by enabling health information exchange, which is crucial for patients to receive the best possible care.

To express our gratitude, we are celebrating National Medical Scribe Week June 4-8 and will be giving away prizes all week!

We will be raffling prizes Monday through Friday so be sure to enter to win!  Raffles will take place on our Scribe Life Facebook Group feed so be on the lookout for those announcements and join here if you haven’t already!


Thanks again for everything you do!

The ProScribe Team


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