At Proscribe, we know how our medical scribes can really help busy physicians juggling patients throughout the day. Having to worry over keeping electronic medical records, and switching your attention between listening to your patients and clicking away is difficult, and taking home charts is even harder, so we want to provide the assistance physician’s need to keep sharp and rested while still keeping up or improving upon their productivity. Medical scribes solve this need, and we want to break down the benefits of medical scribes and what they bring to your office. 

First and foremost, our medical scribes are trained in medical terminology, and are often those pursuing medicine themselves. They receive the hands-on hospital experience they need, while you get the helping hand you need, therefore both of you are served equally. Because our scribes are trained, you also need not worry about electronic medical records being kept incorrectly, and you can solely focus on the clinical patient attention you wish to provide. Your scribe covers no clinical work, and simply takes care of the record and chart keeping that keeps you away from the patients you need to care for.

With a medical scribe, you can stop worrying about what you’re going to be doing while you’re out of the office or hospital, and you can focus on getting the rest you need just when you need it. Medical scribes take that stress of taking home charts off of your mind, and leave you with the clear head you can use to best take care of the patients who come in to see you. With a lack of burnout, you’ll also be able to increase your quality of care while also increasing your productivity. 

A more productive office that can also provide care of a top quality is an office that patients will trust, and a medical scribe can help you to get just that office. Whether you’re working in a physician’s office or a big hospital, the assistance that medical scribes can provide is universal. Seeing patients can be a personal experience again, and physicians can feel refreshed each time their day begins, rather than burned out by working all day and taking care of charts all night. To see what a medical scribe can do for you, simply contact us at Proscribe today!


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