Becoming a medical scribe provides you with a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of medicine. A medical scribe specializes in managing patient charts and assists the provider during appointments by generating electronic patient records into the Electronic Health Record system.  Other duties typically include providing clerical support and serving as the main line of communication between medical staff.

What the Heck is an Electronic Health Record System?

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) store electronic documentation of a patient’s healthcare history including demographics, progress notes, treatments, medications, and all other vital information that is available on a patient’s healthcare provider.

Doctors are responsible for transferring these records electronically, and this has significantly decreased the amount of time that they can spend with their patients. The time spent documenting can lead to an overworked doctor, higher wait times for patients, and a lower quality of individualized care for patients.

Qualities of a Good Medical Scribe

  • Passion for the field of medicine and high-quality patient care
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Office and other clerical knowledge, including computer efficiency
  • Dedicated to being the provider’s right hand
  • Wants to gain knowledge in the medical field, including learning terminology
  • Should be self-motivated and eager to learn
  • Can handle all responsibilities while maintaining a high level of professionalism

Reasons to Consider Becoming a Scribe

If you are willing to learn and have a passion for medicine then becoming a medical scribe can gain you a greater understanding of the medical field and provide you with an in-depth look at a specialty of your choice whether it be an emergency department, outpatient clinic, or other specialty clinics.

You will be on the right track toward becoming a professional medical healthcare provider. By assisting the doctor, you will gain knowledge and an understanding of how the system works and what the patients are looking for when it comes to their care and how they are treated.  You will also gain clinical experience which is vital if you are working toward becoming a doctor or other position in the medical community.

Competitive pay rates are available as well flexible scheduling for students. At ProScribe MD we hire and train medical scribes and ensure that they are efficient and knowledgeable in all aspects of a clinical environment. Becoming a medical scribe is a rewarding experience and will give you an advantage if you are working towards medical school. You will make a difference and have a positive impact on the providers you assist, as well as the patients that you see.


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