For every bit of paperwork doctors have to fill out and every line of red tape they need to jump over, someone is trying to make sure patients get the best care possible.  Some of it is deciding what the patients’ insurance can and can’t afford based on their coverage and premiums, but even private insurers want the best bang for their buck.

Where bureaucracy is concerned, good intentions have a way of piling up and getting in their own way.  With so many government laws demanding more details regarding health records, and private insurers following their lead, healthcare providers are spending more and more time digging through paperwork instead of helping their patients.  It’s no wonder that providers are searching for any method that can help reduce their bureaucratic burden.  Provider burnout is at an all-time high, and while some will simply serve fewer patients, others are looking at concierge medicine as a way to move forward.

Hiring a medical scribe to combat the burden of electronic documentation is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.  Scribes are administrative workers trained to understand medical terminology but who haven’t gone through all the years of expensive schooling to earn a medical degree and get a license to practice medicine (or at least not yet; many scribes are pre-med students).  Scribes spend their time filing paperwork for insurers and the government so providers can spend more time with their patients.


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